Gold: The Monetary Polaris

Gold: the Monetary Polaris by Nathan Lewis

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See a thirty-minute presentation based on the subjects of Gold: the Monetary Polaris, given at the Cato Institute in February 2014.

“Getting money right is the most important thing in economics, and if anyone can dispel the anxiety and mystery surrounding this crucial subject, it’s Nathan Lewis. He knows economics and money inside out. More importantly, he writes about the subject lucidly and insightfully in a soothing and reassuring way.”
— Steve Forbes (from the Introduction)
“Easily the most important book of 2013 … and the best book on money that’s yet been written
— John Tamny (
“This is a masterpiece in simplicity of knowledge. The information is clear and concise without devolving into the normal clutter of economic morass. … This should be required reading for every university economic core curriculum. And some day it will be — probably in somewhere between 10 and 100 years.”
— reader M.K.
“Nathan Lewis has done it again, only better. His extensive discussion of both the theory and history of gold-backed money, and of its repeatedly-failed alternative of paper- or other fiat, is an as-good-as-it-gets guide to the topic. But Lewis also puts forth some new arguments here, including an extensive discussion of how countries can enjoy the benefits of stable money without first accumulating a large gold reserve … Lewis’s outstanding new contribution to this essential discussion could represent the tipping point in the debate, convincing enough sensible observers to more actively pursue and support a restoration of gold-backed money in the US and elsewhere.”
John Butler, author of The Golden Revolution (full review here)
George Gilder recommended Gold: the Monetary Polaris as “one of three books he would give to Janet Yellen.
“Nathan Lewis in Gold: The Monetary Polaris describes in lapidary terms the properties of stable money.”

(lap·i·dar·y [lap-i-der-ee] 6. characterized by an exactitude and extreme refinement that suggests gem cutting: a lapidary style; lapidary verse.)

Gold: the Monetary Polaris was chosen as a book-of-the-month selection by the Laissez-Faire Book Club for February 2014.